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Pokemon Sales

5/20/2016: Sales Post is back up!

For Pkmncollectors members, please read:
-Granted Sales Permission by entirelycliched on April 2nd 2012
-Feedback page: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/epicaz/
-All items come from a smoke free home and are kept in a secure environment. I do however have one cat and one dog living with me.
-I ship from Arizona, USA and will ship domestically. I prefer to not ship internationally, however exceptions can be made.
-Asking for a quote does not count as a hold unless agreed upon separately. Otherwise, its first come first serve.
-I will only hold up to 48 hours. After that, it will be released for sale.
-Will provide tracking upon request, but be wary that the Postal fee usually starts at $1.00 and will be added to your total.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. I will provide confirmation of shipment upon request.
-Most items will be shipped in a bubble mailer over a box. I can provide a box or other shipment means upon request, but you will have to cover the extra cost.
-Expect shipping to start at least at $2.85, due to the cost of mailing supplies and default shipping costs in the US.
-Please allow a couple days after I receive payment for shipment. I work a full time job, so it may be more difficult on some days than others to reach the post office. I will notify you when your item is shipped.
-Paypal only.
-I abide by the community rules at pkmncollectors.livejournal.com. I will not sell to any banned users in their community.
-If you commit to buying an item and do not send payment within 48 hours, negative feedback will be left.
-All OBO (Or best offer) offers will be up for consideration. I reserve the right to say "no" to any offers I feel are too low.
-Apologies if some items may be priced too highly. I haven't been active enough to keep up with prices since the time I bought these items.

//Please bear with me. As this is my first time doing a sales post for several items, I may seem a little inexperienced or slow with certain processes.

Canvas Plush (All NWT except Shinx)

Charmander- $35
Cyndaquil (2011)- $35
Emolga- $25
2007 (Sitting) Shinx- $45 - SOLD

US Pokedolls (All NWT except Plusle)

Lapras- $25
Cyndaquil- SOLD
Charmander (2013)- $25
Squirtle - $10
Plusle (slight damage near mouth)- $10

Japanese Pokedolls (All NWT)

Raichu- $65
Raikou- $50 - SOLD

Pokemon Center NY TOMY Mudkip Chain Keychain, 2004- $20
Pokemon Center Emolga Plush- $16
3DS Game Holding Pokeball (in bag, with stand)(Holds 3 games) (http://i.imgur.com/0VwB9Cv.jpg alternate picture showing inside) SOLD


Turtwig Toy Factory Plush (NWT)- SOLD
Jakks Shinx Plush (Tush tag)- $7 - SOLD
Jakks Riolu Plush (Bent hang tag and tush tag)- $4
Jolteon kid (paint scuffs in some places, sharpie on inside(hard to see from outside))- $3
Raikou Tomy- (Temporarily removed)
Posable Infernape Figure- (Temporarily removed)

Misc #2

Reshiram Turbo Zukan 1/40- $10
Entei Kid (NIP)- $5
Sleeping Jirachi Kid (NIP) Comes with folded box, card, candy- $8 - HOLD?
Lucario plastic marble- $3
Latias plastic marble- $3
Chatot TOMY Figure- $4
Forest Portable Playset with Pikachu and Oddish- $6
Digital Watch (has been out of batteries for 15 years) with electric straps, Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander interchangeable watch faces- $7

Charms + Articuno w/ Stand

Eeveelutions- $8 each
Emolga- $10
Articuno Figure with stand (Please correct me if you know the right name)- $5

Phone Straps-

Munchlax- $3
Lugia- $4
Rayquaza- $4
Mewtwo- $4
Mew - SOLD
Jirachi- $4
Celebi- $4

3/16/12 Collection Update

Click the picture below to go to my most recent collection update!

Permanent Wants Post!

Hello everyone! I've decided to just keep my wants list on a journal post so I can update without having to create a new post on the community :)
(If any of the following images are yours and you would like them taken down, let me know!)
High priority= **


Raikou TFG**

Jolteon Banpresto Movie Keychain**

Or really any Jolteon item I may not have! I won't buy every item I don't have, however I will be extremely likely to consider them. Thank you!

And other various small Jolteon Figures:
Jolteon Minicot
Jolteon Attack kid version 1 and 2
Jolteon Candy Figure/Chupa
New Jolteon Kid

If any of these pictures are yours and you would like them removed, just let me know!
Name your price on the above items. Keep in mind that I may deny the price given.

My main collections consist of Jolteon, Raikou, and the Shinx line

Old Feedback Page

Here is a link to my old feedback page on pkmncollectors:

2011 Feedback:
-Total Positive: 1/1 (link)

Click here for the new feedback page!

I'm still awaiting feedback from a couple of people.. so if you're one of the people I directed to comment here, please go to the new feedback thread instead. Thank you! :)

Original Collection Pics

These are some pictures of my collection as of 11/2011. As these were all taken before I joined the community, I'll be posting updates every once and a while :)

As for a short biography...
"Hey everyone!! My name is Erica and I just stumbled upon this community a couple of weeks ago. I'm overjoyed to know that there are so many poke-fans like myself still out there, so I decided to do a little introduction!
Let me see.. where to start...
I'm 18 years old and have been a fan of the series since 1998. Although my collecting has dwindled down since my early teens, I'm still an avid video gamer and enjoy playing the handheld games. My favorite thing to collect (on occasion) now are plushies (specifically pokedolls). :) 
A pokemon fun fact: My favorite pokemon is Jolteon with my favorite type being electric. "

Some phone charms, magnets, and coins

A closer shot of my figures/toys

My plush :)

A few old Pokemon Fan Magazines and BK toys

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